Stay Informed on State Budget Cuts


The Governor has called a special session to address the budget shortfall.  Legislators begin convening  November 13 at noon in Helena.  His proposal to balance the budget includes a mix of fund transfers, new revenue, and cuts.  Here are links to his legislative proposals, updated cut list, and the call for the special session.  

Governor’s Nov 6 Budget Cuts (not up for discussion at the special session)
The Speaker of the House, Austin Knudsen, is skeptical of the Governor’s call for taxes and still believes that different cuts can be made to balance the budget.
Read more about the MNA's position on the budget: Montana Nonprofit Association (MNA) Budget Statement.
Even if the Governor’s proposed revenue solutions pass (or some comparable alternative), there are still local programs that will experience severe cuts.  
A brief list of SOME CUTS that will occur even in the Governor’s current proposed scenario
For more information on impacts and advocacy needs, contact the experts who spoke at our United Way forum
  on October 3.

UNITED WAY FORUM (October 3, 2017)

On October 3, 2017, over 70 state legislators (Republican and Democrat) and community leaders gathered to raise awareness about the local impact of proposed state budget cuts and to foster conversation about potential solutions. 



To balance our state budget, per law, the Governor must cut $227 million dollars from the general fund budget. Departments have, per the Governor’s request, submitted proposals for a 10% reduction in their general fund budgets. These proposed cuts are severe, and if enacted, will result in the elimination or reduction of several critical programs for vulnerable populations in Yellowstone County, including the elderly, children in foster care, and students. Many of the proposed cuts to the Montana general fund trigger simultaneous federal cuts. 

The Legislative Finance Committee met on Oct 4 and 5 to review the proposed cuts and to gave a recommendation to the Governor.  Governor Bullock will review their input and decide on his final budget.  From there, the balanced budget must be enacted, per state law.  The Governor or a majority of legislators can call for a special session to consider legislation which could potentially lessen the severity of the cuts through temporary or new revenue, or other measures.