Questions and Answers about United Way

1. What is an impact United Way?

To respond to the changing enviroment, United Way of Yellowstone County has transformed from primarily a fundraising and allocating organization to an organization that is committed to achieving significant community impact. We work to make sure people get the support services they need right now while simultaneously addressing the root causes of key issues.  

2. Why did United Way of Yellowstone County switch to the impact model? 

Each year funds are raised from donors and companies throughout our local campaign, as well as competitive private, state and federal grants and contracts.  Through an integrated model of community development and resource development strategies, United Way improves the communities conditions for all Yellowstone County residents.  United Way of Yellowstone County invests resource to advance and support a community roadmap through a robust and inclusive network of direct service providers/programs, community collaborations and United Way of Yellowstone County programs.  We believe that through deepening relationships and convening stakeholders we are able to develop, implement and evaluate community road maps for changes.  To be effective United Way of Yellowstone county must:

  • Identify a limited number of issues/outcomes for focus which are aligned with organizational priorities.
  • Focus and provide greater concentration of efforts on long-term solutions with emergency/short-term needs being addressed.
  • Value the involvement of the community, the use of information and evaluation.
  • Build on United Way of Yellowstone County's strengths, assets, and relationships.

3. How is United Way of Yellowstone County investing in direct client programs throughout Yellowstone County?

United Way of Yellowstone County supports direct client programs through multiple channels including community collaborations, direct community service provider contracts, and United Way of Yellowstone County programs

4. How does my gift help kids be ready for school?

United Way of Yellowstone County supports parents and children in the early years of development through investments in School Readiness such as child abuse prevention, quality pre-school, parent supports and early literacy.  

5. How does my gift help kids do well in school?

United Way of Yellowstone County supports students and future graduates through investments in School Success such as before and after school programs, mentors and effective youth development programs. 

6. How does my gift help families thrive?

United Way of Yellowstone is focused on helping more families thrive through Crisis Stabilization. By supporting solutions such as transportation, housing stabilization, food security and senior independence, United Way helps create a ripple effect throughout the county as families become stronger and more financially stable.

7. How much of what I donate stays in Yellowstone County?

100% !  All gifts received are utilized only in the Yellowstone County area and are not sent across the country.   United Way of Yellowstone County is one of many United Ways across the world, however, your gift stays local to support local families in Yellowstone County. Check out the most recent Financial Report from our audit.

8. How can I give to United Way of Yellowstone County?

We encourage donors to GIVE what they can, be a champion when you ADVOCATE for a cause, and/or VOLUNTEER your time and talent.  If you wish to make a monetary donation, it's easy, you can give through our Donate Now link on our website, or if your company is running a work place campaign, contact the campaign manager at your place of employment.  If you are unsure of a workplace campaign or have other questions, please contact us and we will help you out.

9. I am the Campaign Manager for my company. Where do I send my company's completed campaign packet?

You can contact the Loaned Executive assigned to your company to pick up your packet, drop it off at our office, or send it via mail to 2173 Overland Ave., Billings, MT 59102.

10. Who do I contact for more information on the United Way Campaign?

Our Campaign Manager, Teal Whitaker, is available throughout the work week and would love to hear from you!  Please send an email directly to her at or call 406-272-8504.