Poverty Simulation: A Month in the Life

On February 28, United Way of Yellowstone County hosted a poverty simulation for local government and community leaders in an effort to draw awareness to poverty in Yellowstone County. 

Participants experienced a "month in the life" of someone living in poverty; negotiating work, government assistance, childcare and all facets of daily life. They paid bills, took care of their health and tried to get ahead in life. There was then a short debrief following the simulation. Participants reflected on how stressful it felt at times, running from one place to another, while facing hurdles like lack of transportation, and the impacts that poverty has on children, leaving many asking, "what can we do?". 

KULR 8 Coverage: http://www.kulr8.com/story/37619567/united-way-hosts-poverty-simulation-for-community-leaders

Billings Gazette Coverage:



Poverty Fact Sheet: www.unitedwayyellowstone.org/sites/unitedwayyellowstone.oneeach.org/files/Fact%20Sheet%20BookletFINAL.pdf


Want to find out about more ways to LIVE UNITED against poverty?

Contact Kristin Lundgren at klundgren@uwyellowstone.org.